What is Google My Business and should I be using it?

Let’s start off with a snapshot of how it can help your brand.

1. Localised search results – compete with big brands.

2. Helps with organic search listing – boost your website ranking.

3. Provides information about your business to speed up the conversion to visitor and drive traffic to your website.

4. Provides information about products, services, and offers at first contact/exposure stage.

5. Provides a platform for legitimate reviews, which is a huge part of the product research and buying process for consumers and businesses.

6. Enables you to post lots of additional ‘live’ information about your business including photos, videos, and updates.

7. Enables you to appear on the local listing with a pin on the local map.

8. Great for localised business.

Now we’ve piqued your interest with all the benefits, you’ve now got the set-up to do which is pretty straight forward.

Firstly, register with a Gmail account, then setup your business profile by following the simple steps.

Once you’ve done that you can apply for verification, you’ll either receive a phone call or a business card through the post. Don’t worry if you don’t have a physical address as you can use a PO box.

How does Google My Business work?

Of course, Google wants to provide the best quality, most relevant search results it can for its users and when you provide as much information as possible, you’re helping Google to understand your business and its relevancy to users’ search keywords.

As you’ve heard many times before content is king and not only does it help Google, but it also helps you find the right customers.

This all goes into the Google SERP algorithm (search engine results page) which scores your website and business and determines where you are positioned for different keyword strings. Google prefers natural, organic content, so the more information you provide in different areas, the better quality your content will be and the higher you will score.

Hopefully, by reading this far you’ll start to get a better understanding of why Google My Business is important and what it can do for you.

Let’s give you some tips for getting the most out of it.

First of all, there’s lots of fields to fill in, don’t ignore them. Fill in as much as you can, again the more you fill in, the greater your google score will be.

Be sure to add plenty of videos and images, these can range from simple images of you and the team to ‘how to’ videos of your processes or procedures. Once you’ve uploaded them, make an effort to regularly update them as photos and videos get more views than any other part of Google My Business and you’ll soon be racking up hundreds of potential customers viewing your products or services.

An extra tip for you is, if you can, add a virtual tour or a 360-degree video as this is a powerful tool to add an extra boost to your SERP score.

One of the biggest things you can do is to get Google reviews, but unfortunately, they won’t just appear, you have to ask for them. Go through your client list and make it really easy for them, send them the link so that they don’t have to search themselves. We host several webinars and at the end of each one, we add the link into the chat box, and we find that the majority of the businesses on the webinar write a review straight away.

There’s a reason why we’re seeing lots of TV adverts with celebrities advertising reviews at the moment, reviews can be really powerful and if your review score is good (hopefully it will be) then you’re starting to build trust with potential clients and also turn on the fence buyers into customers.

Once the reviews start to flood in, be sure to reply to every single one of them as replying (apart from being polite) also helps your score.

On the off chance that you receive negative feedback, don’t bury your head in the sand, the same rules apply. Respond to them and try to rectify the situation. Hopefully, you can and more often than not, the person who left the negative review will go back and amend their previous comment.

There’s a really useful function which allows you to post directly from the platform, things like events you’re running or attending, social media etc. make sure you use this feature but also update this weekly if you can.

We’d also recommend planning what you’re going to post in advance, this way you won’t be doing things at the last minute and the content you post will be much better.

Finally, post reviews to your blog posts on Google My Business as an actual post, for extra high quality linking and to drive traffic to things like “how to” guides, useful tip sheets, tools and templates that people can use or find useful. This all adds to your score and rank position, plus, it’s really good quality content that will help convert casual browsers into interested potential customers or clients.

Royal Flush Marketing are actually doing a talk for The Federation of Small Businesses on this subject on Friday, hence the reason I’m doing this blog, so if you’re reading this, Google My Business has worked!

A couple of bonus tips.

Link in your website to your Google Analytics, here, you’ll get a great overview of how people are browsing your site. If you’re not doing this already, then you’re missing out on customer behaviour and if something isn’t quite working on your website then you simply won’t know about it.

Add a Facebook pixel (where appropriate) to help track customers if you use social media, this also links to your Google Analytics so will give you even more information on what people are doing on your site.

Register with Google Console – this helps you to understand more about your website’s performance and again it’ll score more in the Google SERP position.

Don’t forget, the more information you can provide, the better the score on Google.

If all of this is too much, then we’d be happy to hear from you and we can take the burden of marketing away.

Thanks for reading and we hope you found it useful.

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