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Manchester City's marketing own goal

Manchester City made a massive marketing error with their FOMO campaign (fear of missing out) an influencer recruitment campaign to attract new fans to the Etihad when they’re playing against “relatively unknown teams”

An advert was placed on the influencer marketing platform Tribe via one of their Manchester agencies. They have since ended the relationship with Tribe and are also reviewing the contract with the agency in question.

Aside from this marketing car crash it got worse as they were only targeting men for the role as apparently women don’t like football.

The Manchester City marketing dept deny knowing anything about the campaign and once they were made aware, instructed the agency to remove the ad.

This is a classic case of how agency and client relationships can break down within a matter of minutes.

We ran an event earlier this week on the very subject and it was clear that agencies are trying to continually impress their client whilst the internal marketers simply don’t have time to review everything and ultimately things slip through the back of the net.

If VAR was used in marketing this would’ve certainly been reviewed but ultimately it has dented city’s reputation along with costing the agencies a very lucrative client.

What can we learn from this? In-house marketers and agencies sometimes need a conduit in order to see what’s working, what’s not, and be able to have some difficult conversations before disaster strikes.

Unfortunately, having that difficult conversation is terrifying to an agency as they too have a FOMO by the client using someone else if they’re to say the wrong thing.

This creates a lot of wasted time and effort from both parties, but it’s easily overcome if you use your head.

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