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Looking for the gap

How do you get your message heard when everyone is shouting?

What's the secret to an effective marketing campaign?

How do you plan out and deliver a successful return on your marketing budget?

There is no single defining answer to any of this. In fact, anyone who promises all of this upfront is probably not going to deliver. How can they? Your product, service or profile is unique to you. Your business plan, objectives, your team and your ability to do your part of the work.

Yes you can use tested methods, previous relevant experience and a certain amount of measurements to predict a return but marketing is one factor in a multitude of deliverables that need to work in unison.

With so many digital marketing techniques available to you, determining the best possible strategy is all in the planning. Understanding your offering and why it matters to the people that you want to sell it to, is first. We then need to look at how they buy, what is important to them, where do they get their information and what motivates them to interact.

If there's a lot of noise in those areas then perhaps there is quieter route. A way getting through that isn't full of competing messages.

We have recently been looking at digital campaigns for a number of clients that involve email marketing, SMS, online advertising, pay per click, Facebook advertising and 'viral' advertising.

They are all very measurable routes and we love working with them for that reason. But we should always question if they are the most effective route.

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