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Is search engine optimisation worth it? (Part one)

You may be thinking to yourself; “Search engine optimisation – what is this witchcraft? Whatever I do, I don’t seem to get anywhere, the rules change continually and I’m getting pestered by lots of cowboys from Indian call centres.”

And you’d be right…to an extent.

There are lots of blogs and information on search engine optimisation out there so, rather than regurgitate a load of stuff you’ve probably already read, here’s my take on it.

Search engine optimisation is brilliant. I could leave it there but I’ll expand upon that statement a little further. SEO is brilliant… if you have the budget or the time to do it yourself. Some website agencies don’t do it for themselves – it’s not part of their strategy. Perhaps they rely on referral or word of mouth to get new business and that’s fine. For us, however, it’s one of many marketing techniques that we use, and we like to practice what we preach.

SEO helps us to keep focused on updating our website and blog; to use the relevant social media channels to boost traffic; and keeps us abreast of the search engine changes that affect website design and development. And we apply the things we have learnt to the work we do for our clients.

So is SEO right for you? Quite possibly, yes. However, you need to consider your market and your budget or time. If you’re in a very competitive market where there are lots of searches, Google ads and other companies vying for attention, then it could be a costly exercise or a huge commitment. In this case, you might be better placed to use an expert rather than doing it yourself. If it drains too much time and cost, then there could be more effective uses for your marketing budget.

If you do want to venture into the technical underbelly of the Internet then check out part two tomorrow, which will show you how.

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