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Big changes and marginal gains

How do you improve on brilliant?

That was the ominous task ahead of us as we started the project for creating marketing strategies for three of Ultimate Products rising brands. 

They were already performing extremely well, they just didn't have the plan in place to measure against. 

We used lots of data to identify where the market is and where it's going – trend reports, huge surveys and studies on buying behaviour through the generations and lots of late nights, studying information and competitors to identify the gap. 

And we found it. 

We identified some big changes to the marketing activities and lots of marginal gains – from optimisation to marketing tactics that could be employed to increase the efficiency and effectivity of Ultimate Products, already high-functioning marketing team.

It's always nice to read great feedback

Andy and Ben went to great lengths to understand our business. The volume of data and preparation was really in-depth and led to some fantastic insight that we are implementing across our business.


Working with them in a series of workshops kept our team involved with the process and ensured we were able to contribute our understanding with their expertise – I'm very pleased with the work

Andrew Gossage

Managing Director

Ultimate Products



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Expanding reach, engagement and conversion

EatHomemade is a fantastic independent business that was struggling to level up. Creating homemade food, delivered to people in the local area was bringing great returns, however Dan needed to expand the business and increase revenue. 

By immersing ourselves in the business and market, analysing the competitors – from the major players to the most direct (and even some indirect competitors), we helped establish a territorial tactical roll-out that increased to a mail order strategy. 


Further to this we identified the weaknesses in the sales funnel that were losing customers, then put in place an action plan that helped strengthen the path to purchase. 

This led to increased reach, engagement, click-throughs and ultimately, a 43.89% growth in sales in just 3 months. EatHomemade is well on track to grow and expand into 2021. 

Here's what Dan had to say about the work

I've really enjoyed working with Royal Flush. Their approach is refreshingly different to many other agencies - they really get in to the business and try to understand it before recommending any activity. They are also care about the response to an activity and understanding why the response has been like it is.

The proof of the pudding however is in the eating, and my sales have increased since working with them.

Thanks Andy and Ben.

Dan Stringer

Managing Director




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Flipping the narrative on its head

PSI Specialist Recruitment are a fast growing agency that work in the construction sector. 

We were tasked with helping them to establish a marketing strategy to help them increase the speed of their growth and establish themselves as a serious contender in a very busy, competitive and noisy marketplace. 

After mapping out their market, we assessed the market leaders and direct competitors to establish how they all position themselves – this gave us intel on what to adopt and what not to, however the most important gain was identifying the gap in the market – everyone goes after the clients, leaving the all important candidates at the bottom of the pecking order. 

The candidate pool is limited. This makes them an extremely valuable commodity. We started to focus on what the candidates are looking for, and there were a lot of critical things that we learnt. Support, training, wellbeing, bullying and mental health are all major factors in looking after candidates in construction and PSI already had this as their priority – they just weren't shouting about it.

By positioning PSI as putting the candidates first, we established them as the agency of choice, not just for candidates but also by clients. After all, they want to know that the people they have on site are being looked after – it's a lot less headaches for them to manage. They need reliable workers, that are ready to work with the right PPE, transport and accommodation. They want a happy workforce. And PSI are the agency that provide all of that, first and foremost.


By simply changing the positioning of their marketing, we were able to help establish them as market leaders in thought and practice and that's what has helped them increase their growth and market share.

Don't just take our word for it


What’s different about the Royal Flush approach is that they make the effort to understand the business and customers before recommending a specific marketing activity.

They’ve helped us to see which areas we should focus on and as a result, we’ve saved budget and increased return.

They’ve worked on marketing strategy and helped us find the right resource for our requirements. 

We continue to work with Royal Flush across all of our businesses.

Paul Hughes


PSI Global Specialist Recruitment





Increasing the Disney account

Re-pitching to Disney, asking for more money is a daunting feat.


Being asked to write the marketing strategy that will take massive brands such as Disney Princess and Marvel to market is possibly even more daunting. Especially when there's a relatively short deadline, a lot to wade through and a lot of profiling to undertake. 

Still – these are the jobs you dream of in university. 

We created strategies that considered different brands age-groups, products and timelines and wrapped them up in a business-wide presentation, a mammoth 176 slide animated Powerpoint document that Sambro took to Disney HQ UK.

After an agonising wait, we finally heard the news we'd been hoping for...

What had been £20M of business was now £50M

Here's what their COO had to say

I’ve worked closely with Ben in a previous agency where he was working on marketing strategy projects and with his help, we successfully secured a significantly larger contract with Disney. 

Now he has set up Royal Flush, we have appointed them to work on marketing strategies to take new products to market and we’ve already seen a thorough understanding of our market and the challenges we face, with great recommendations on the activity that will help us achieve our business goals.

I would definitely recommend Royal Flush for cost-effective marketing solutions.

Collette O'Kane

Chief Operating Officer

Sambro International